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Phil Cavallo surveys a large plot of land off MacArthur Drive in Bourne, not far from the Bourne Bridge. Bulldozers hum in the background, clearing the 7-acre tract, which, by mid-October, will be covered with 4,300 solar panels. This is the future home of the Bourne Community Solar Farm, and Cavallo’s company, Beaumont Solar, is handling the installation. Cavallo said community solar farms are perfect for people whose homes don’t meet the criteria for solar panels.

“This is sort of a non-invasive version of it, which is, ‘Hey, I can get the solar power. I can get it as cheaply as I could get it if it was on my roof, but I don’t have to drill holes in my roof.’ So it’s an innovative way and an alternative to doing solar,” said Cavallo.

Community solar arrays produce solar power remotely for customers’  homes. The Bourne facility already is 90% leased. Cavallo explained that anyone can participate – there’s no initial charge to sign up. The Gallo Ice Arena in Bourne will use half the array’s energy, and the rest will go to power approximately 130 homes in the area.

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