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North Adams is the smallest city in Massachusetts. As of now, that tiny city, in the northwest corner of the commonwealth, is generating more solar power then the entire state of Massachusetts did just eight years ago.

What otherwise would have been a forgotten hillside on the outskirts of North Adams, 6,000 solar panels are now in place, which have literally energized the community.

“Time will tell but this will hopefully make the city 100% solar powered,” said Mayor Richard Alcombright, at a ceremony Tuesday morning to mark the grand opening of the solar collecting facility.

And with 100% of North Adams running on solar energy, the mayor says he’s now looking forward to the savings since schools, street lights, the library, and other municipal buildings “won’t cost taxpayers a dime.”

“If it goes the way we think,” Alcombright says, “it could provide us with about $400,000 per year in credits which eats up our municipal electric bill.”

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