Court rejects Wisconsin utility’s fee on solar customers

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In a victory for solar advocates in Wisconsin, today a Dane County Circuit Court judge overturned fees on customers with solar installations in We Energies’ service territory.

The ruling was the result of an appeal filed by The Alliance for Solar Choice and Renew Wisconsin.

It invalidated part of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission’s December 2014 approval of We Energies’ rate case, which also included increased fixed charges and other provisions that advocates say have undermined the development of distributed solar in the state.

The groups argued that the new fee specifically on people with solar installations was “discriminatory,” and that We Energies had not provided proof that such fees were necessary to make sure those customers paid their “fair share” for upkeep of the grid.

“This is a critical victory for Wisconsin electricity customers that sends a signal to utilities everywhere trying to stop solar competition,” said TASC spokesperson Amy Heart in a statement

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