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It amazes me that something so important to the State of Massachusetts can be manipulated and controlled so easily by a couple of power companies.

“…the truth is the House squandered an enormous amount of time, probably by design.

The Senate voted to lift the cap during the summer, but the House waited until the day before the Legislature recessed for the holidays before reporting its bill out of the House Ways and Means Committee.”

Projects will be cancelled, I see them not move through on a daily basis, due to our Legislature not doing their job. And these people – still getting paid – will now force other people out of work. Electricians, salespeople, engineers and more. Because politicians purposely ignored their responsibility. One of the few programs in the country that bring solar power to those less well off, to those who cannot afford a home – that’s what we’re allowing our politicians to cut the throat of. They did it coolly – by simply not doing their job.

And of course – this ignores that more pollution will be put into the atmosphere, that more people will die of lung disease and that just a little bit more of our coastline will be given to the Fossil Fuel gods.

Stay Classy Massachusetts.


Stay Classy

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