119% growth for Solar Power industry in 2016

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A couple of interesting things about this report:

  1. Utility Scale solar is going to dominate. Pretty damn cool. This value will mean that in 2016 the total volume of solar power installed will grow by about 65% (16GW/25GW) – to a grand total of 41GW. This will meet about 3% of total US electricity requirements.
  2. Note how consistent, and increasingly large, the residential solar power market is. About 70-75% of this market is owned by third party lease companies like Solar City. In 2016 – this market segment will be roughly 2.5-3GW, priced at about $3.50/W. This means $8.7-10.5B in revenue. The year on year growth in the Residential Sector was 66%. READ THAT AGAIN!!! I know that seems small compared to the total industry growth – but the total industry growth is being bumped by the aberration of utility scale projects and a Federal Tax Credit. Utility returns to earth next year – residential keeps growing, its fourth year with greater than 50% growth in a row.


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