The Electricity Ecosystem will be made of Elephants and Ants

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Source – GTM is predicting 4.5GWh of distributed battery storage in the USA by 2020. That’s equal to three large nuclear power plants. Also by 2020 they are expecting 1.6GWh per year – that’s equal to one nuclear power plant per year, with each year’s following plant being 10-30% larger, 5% cheaper and 5% longer lasting.

A healthy ecosystem is made of large, lumbering creatures as well as small, countless members. It interests me when I hear that a bear eating salmon from a river leads toward a healthy following of animals that eat the leftovers from said fishing. Electricity usage, in its infancy, was a super local thing – you produced onsite and you used onsite. Then we build nationwide power grids thanks to Tesla and Niagara Falls. However, as our technology has advanced – it seems as if having some large, central running systems plus millions of distributed small systems is the healthiest, most robust system.

Your home, your car, your battery kit – these things will be part of you and you will be part of the larger energy ecosystem.

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