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A new model for solar power development has taken hold globally – the Solar Park – and with it the largest solar power plants are coming . A great example of one is talked about a bit deeper at the Benban Park in Egypt. Fundamentally – a solar park is a large number of utility scale solar projects grouped together on a large piece of large sharing interconnection infrastructure. This allows for investors to investment $60-200 million chunks on a project, while sharing a lot of surrounding costs. Building roads, negotiating with landowners, getting utility approvals, taking advantage of environmental/civil analysis, etc. The Egyptian park was specifically designed to drive international investment into a broader, safer project – while still providing a multi-billion dollar overall project. India has now taken this park model to the next level – 5 GW. More than doule the current largests parks – Egypt above and another Indian projejct around 2GW. Expect it to continue.

SOURCE: The 5 GW park will be located along the Gulf of Khambhat in DSIR on a contiguous stretch of land spread over 11,000 hectares. The government expects investments worth 250 billion INR (US$3.84 billion) and new jobs for more than 20,000 people.

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