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The dirt: solar power is HIGHLY predictable. The sun freaking rises everyday, and the hardware we use to collect it has been getting built for decades to last for decades. What this means: Big giant piles of money will pour toward owning solar power assets because they love bigger, longer term consistent piles of money. This will turn into solar developers like me getting a phone call a week from those big piles of money asking if I have solar land to sell them. Solar growth will continue.

As an aside – if you’ve got land – 2 to 50 acres, you’re in a state that has a lot of solar (Massachusetts or New York I am daily focused on), let me know – – these institutional investors would like to partner with you in 20 year lease contracts.

SOURCESpecifically, S&P – which has been rating solar since 1998, said that output from the PV projects it rates has been relatively stable year-on-year, only fluctuating by around 2%. In comparison, annual fluctuations within S&P’s rated wind portfolio have been as high as between 10-30%. Availability levels in most cases have exceeded 99%, and actual production has largely exceeded the firm’s one-year P90 production expectations.

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