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First off – the State of New Jersey is going in big on solar+wind+energy storage. If you’re from this state and don’t have solar yet – you’ll soon see financial opportunities to invest. More interestingly though is the nuclear bill – giving a chance for nuclear plants to stay online so they’re not replaced by fossil fuel plants as renewable energy scales. I support this plan, generally. I’d rather nukes than fossils in this interim period.

SOURCEThe two bills will increase the state’s RPS to 50% by 2030, require 5% of electricity to come from behind-the-meter solar by 2021, set a 2 GW energy storage goal and bail out nuclear plants. A 3723 was not the only bill to pass the New Jersey legislature yesterday. S 2313 requires regulators to establish a “zero emissions credit” (ZEC) program to provide financial support to the state’s aging fleet of nuclear power plants.

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