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$99 to Know it All (or just enough)

Are you thinking about solar power? It’s a smart thing to consider.
Could you use some experienced advice? It’s a prudent consideration.

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Do you have questions? Naturally!

For $99 – I can save you $1000-3000. When you buy your solar system you will have the needed knowledge. Not to mention the time I’ll save you. This is some of the work I’ll do for you:

        • Educate you on the major hardware brands being used – show you when each product makes the most sense
        • Learn about your future goals – electric car? solar backup generator?
        • Teach you about the financials of a solar project – how the incentives work and where to file paperwork
        • Bill of Materials – I’ll design a near final system in Helioscope, including major hardware, and give you that list of hardware
        • Contact contractors and get the ball rolling for you

Would you like to get answers from an unbiased, experienced solar professional? That’s what I do. I’ve got experience owning my own company, through developing large commercial projects. I’d like to sell you some of that knowledge.


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